Having described both the political and the economic dynamics of output-specific planning and financing activities, together with their philosophical constraints, I will now consider recommendations for future action in Laguna Niguel real estate law and urban development.

Classical liberal philosophy provides a useful approach in formulating recommendations because it provides a method of analysis for legal economic discipline that encompasss notions of natural law, inalienable rights, and the commitment of limited government to supply and protecting the moral and normative imperatives of human dignity.

It is important to understand that classical liberalism does not take an amoral approach to economic analysis such as that used and advocated by conservative legal economists. Nor does it simply adhere to the false scientific principle of wealth maximization as the ultimate morality of the Laguna Niguel marketplace.

Classical liberalism requires a constant and continuous dialogue on the subject of human dignity that may lead to the determination of government's proper role in the protection of individual liberty within the context of an organized social structure in Laguna Niguel Real Estate market.

The conventional planning process centered on highest processes where the urban planner shaped the plans. The planner is usually capable in surveying, engineering or architecture, contributing to the town planning process ideals established on these areas. They characteristically functioned for national or local governments.

Classical liberalism, therefore, does not proscribe planning and financing activities in Laguna Niguel. On the contrary, it provides a framework for taking into account the factors discussed in this book and using them to form a perspective or approach consistent with the requirements of a free market economy.

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